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In the facilities world, maintaining critical assets can be complicated. This app allows the user to track the fuel level(s) in the generators. Users are able to drag the amount of fuel by swiping their fingers on the visual color tank. This is very useful when there is no human user interface displaying the fuel gallons available. Sometimes all you have is an analog gauge displaying values such as 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 of a tank. In the Gen Fuel Tracker app, we make sure we account for both, the dragging of a value and if the user knows the amount he can enter it on the addTank screen. Either way, we made it easy for anyone to keep track of the most valuable assets in their facility. From small sites to academic campus wide coverage, you can add unlimited generators and fuel tanks information. But wait, the best part is that you can share the information from your iOS phones to iPads, and soon to the Mac. So you enter your information once and using the CloudKit framework, the devices will sync automatically. The automatic syncing seamlessly provides a much needed value in facilities operations. The user’s don’t like to carry iPads when they are opening generator enclosures and opening panels. Is easier to have your iPhone to enter the information needed and then sharing the information with your team once you are back in your office.

Gen Fuel Tracker App – In Dark Mode

Facilities operations are task with the job of keeping the lights on and the equipment operating 24/7. Keeping track of the fuel level of your facility’s generator or fuel tank is one of the most important step in a facilities department role.

Gen Fuel Tracker – In Light Mode