Controlling Your Home Comfort with Zone Dampers

February 19, 2023 Ventilation System - 0 Comments

Zone Dampers Finding the supply vents' location

Many homeowners are asking us on how they can save energy with their Heating and Cooling systems. If you have a central air furnace or air handler with a ductwork system, there are zone dampers and a control panel that can help remedy the high cost of running your system longer than what you really need to run it.

We had a customer a couple of weeks ago that needed to isolate the basement and the first floor to isolate the different zones. This allows the customer to only heat or cool the area that is needed.

Above are a couple of pictures that shows what we needed to complete the system modification.

First, we located every supply registers’ location.

We than ran a 3 wired thermostat cabling to each zone damper and ran it back to the control panel.

We installed a bypass damper to allow for the needed air to reach the associated zone and eliminating noisy ductwork sounds.

We added a thermostat on the basement to allow the basement floor to be controlled independently.

The customer was very happy with the s=installation.

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