Main Truck Duct Run

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Is your ductwork system insulated and are the ductwork sections seal to avoid your conditioned air to leak? If you have any of your supply air register not supplying the appropriate amount of air, most of the time it may be the air is leaking from your ductwork system. By code the State of Connecticut requires the HVAC installation of force air furnaces to be insulated in both the supply and return ductwork systems.

Residential Ductwork System

Using manual D, which is an HVAC technician’s guide to design a residential duct system, is what we use to ensure proper ductwork runs. Our air distribution system design consists of the following process. We review the construction details, room loads (heat/cooling loads), load of entire house, size of HVAC equipment and then we calculate the duct sizing.

Main Ductwork for Supply Side Trunks

Return Side Run-outs

Branch Takeoff Fittings

Transition Fittings

The duct work system is important but is just as important the selection of the equipment (furnace) and making sure you install the correct size to allow for a comfortable customer experience.

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