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Furnace – Gas Burners in Operation

wtech22 Heating and Cooling performs furnace repairs in the Trumbull CT, West Haven CT, Southport CT, Darien CT, and in the Fairfield County area. With over 20+ years of experience working in the residential and light commercial arena, we have gained a lot of heating and cooling experience which results in us being able to provide our customers with the best value of an HVAC contractor.

Furnaces are forced air units that distributes heat and/or cool air for your home. A furnace can be fuel with natural gas/propane or oil. Many common issues of furnace troubles are simple but overlooked root causes. Some issues are running low on oil and allowing air to enter the oil lines. Another issue can be a plug air filter since most homeowners don’t follow a regular preventive maintenance plan. A preventive furnace maintenance is key to allow your HVAC system to run as efficient as possible without breakdowns.

When our company performs a furnace installation service, we offer our customers a preventive maintenance plan to allow for a system upkeep. An annual preventive maintenance plan works best for your HVAC system equipment.

When your furnace is not working it can be a very frustrating experience.

If you or anyone needs to repair furnaces, first check the basics:

Is the furnace getting power?

Was the filter changed?

Check your thermostat, is it on Auto -> Heat.

Are your supply vents obstructed?

After checking these simple checks and the unit is still not running, call a professional.

Call us at 475-422-4628 to fix your furnace.

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