HVAC System Zoning

February 27, 2023 HVAC System Zoning - 0 Comments

wtech22 Heating and Cooling installs zoned HVAC systems in the Fairfield County area. As we posted a couple of days ago regarding zoned HVAC system and the energy efficiency benefits, we also wanted to analyze why you should really consider separating your home to different zones. I know many customers believe that adding an HVAC zoned system is nearly impossible. Any HVAC company with controls experience will be able to provide an estimate on what it will take to implement this system. 

Think about it, if you have more than one floor or a large area (+1,000 sq ft), you are heating or cooling the entire area even when you are using only one room in a home. Specially now when more and more individuals are working from home and the mechanical systems are online constantly. 

What is needed to have your zoned HVAC system:

Control Panel – Is the brain of your system. All cabling for your zone dampers, thermostats, and  air supply sensor comes back and terminates in the panel. What is important for the control panel is that it needs its own 24 volts power supply. Make sure an electrical contractor can install this source of power so it can be done right. This is not costly and can be done very quickly by a licensed electrician

Zone damper – Closes or opens up according to what the thermostat is calling for

Thermostat – Turns on your system, controls you zone damper

Bypass Damper – Helps reduce ductwork airflow noise

If you have any further questions regarding zoned HVAC systems and need help with zoned HVAC system cost and planning, contact us today at 475-422-4428

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