Gas Burner Maintenance

November 26, 2019 Gas Furnaces - 0 Comments

Getting ready for winter is critical to allow your system to operate as per design and efficiently.

Gas burners may become blocked by debris

Make sure your heating vendor is cleaning your gas burners at least annually. This tuned is not expensive and keeps your equipment operating efficiently. The maintenance will help avoid operating problems that can keep your home from getting the heat needed.

During our maintenance we perform a thorough check of your vent system. We analyze the equipment efficiency, and check the combustion process. We check the burners for efficient ignition and sufficient burner flame, as recommended by the equipment manual.

We check the wiring for damaged and a tight connection.

We check the filters, to ensure the customers are getting cleaned air.

wtech22 heating and cooling technicians are qualified and experienced. Call for your natural gas tune-up today.

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