Repair Furnaces and Boilers

February 27, 2023 Gas Furnaces - 0 Comments

wtech22 Heating and Cooling repair furnaces and boilers in the Fairfield County area. On a heating system repair call in one of our clients home in Fairfield, CT., we found a safety switch to be faulty. The safety switch is a thermal cutoff switch use in the heating system to disconnect/interrupt power to the unit if the temperature reaches a predetermine high temperature.

The homeowner called stating that the boiler was not heating the home and the heating system would cycle intermittently. The root cause for the issue was the thermal cutoff had become rusted and its components integrity compromised.

After replacing the safety switch and making sure all components were operating as per design, we recommended the need to implement a strict preventive maintenance program for his unit annually. We always get asked on how often a furnace service or boiler service should happen, we recommend an annual maintenance and safety inspection is key for proper operation of your unit.

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