Gas Piping

November 22, 2019 Home - 0 Comments

If you have natural gas as the source for your heating system, make sure an HVAC licensed professional is performing a tune-up on an annual basis to ensure your heating system is operating as per design and there are no risks of gas leaks. At wtech22, we ensure to pay close attention to critical systems such as the gas piping of your boiler or furnace.

Extra precaution when installing or replacing your heating equipment

For years we have been installing and replacing units that are for the most part pretty old and their gas piping in bad condition.

In some instances while performing a maintenance or just working on a unit you can smell some natural gas or propane gas when the pipes are becoming deteriorated by age. This to us is very concerning and requires immediate attention as it can become a big safety risk. Immediately, we let the customer know and react by replacing the old piping with new piping. To ensure your home is safe.

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